Songwriter Sydney Schizzano on Quarter Life Crisis

Sydney Schizzano

Sydney Schizzano is a queer singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer and engineer hailing from Long Island, New York. She is most known for her powerful vocals, intimate lyrics and her genre-merging style. Sydney mainly writes her songs from personal experiences such as unrequited love, growing up queer and navigating new found adulthood.

Sydney Schizzano earned her BS in Music Industry from The College of Saint Rose back in 2018 where she released her first EP Felt, multiple singles, and full length LP You Gave Me Love. Sydney met many talented musicians and friends at The College of Saint Rose such as Nick Pappalardo and Zach Grappone with whom she still works with. Nick Pappalardo has been Sydney’s guitarist for 4 years now and has collaborated on many tracks such as “Open My Eyes”. Zach Grappone has worked hand and hand with Sydney for 5 years now on many of her projects as an engineer and a member of her band.

Sydney Schizzano is proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community and her music reflects that. Growing up queer has given Sydney’s writing a new perspective. She has experienced first hand what it’s like to be stuck in the closet, coming out and not being accepted right away, struggling with unrequited love and finally coming into her own. That has given her the power and voice to speak out on these topics and share her story so that other queer people don’t feel so alone.

(Not) Ready” is Sydney Schizzano’s latest single release. A groovy tune that is relatable to any 20-something year old approaching a quarter life crisis. Sydney and her band use lush guitars, sparkly synths and a classic drum beat to give the song a laid back retro vibe with a modern concept. “(Not) Ready” expresses the feeling of not being prepared for adulthood and the many responsibilities that come with it. Responsibilities like finding a real person job, battling loneliness, finding courage to tell the people she’s close with how she truly feels and simply gaining the energy to get out of her car. “(Not) Ready” was written to convey that these feelings are not only common but valid.

Sydney hopes that you enjoy and connect with “(Not) Ready” as well as the rest of her discography.

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