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songwriting tips beginners

Songwriting Tips for Beginners Recommended by the Pros

Getting started with writing songs can be more challenging than you might expect.  For this post, I researched professional songwriters.   These songwriters are very well-trained in the art and craft of songwriting. I summarized what I thought should be the top songwriting tips for beginners.   This expert advice should get you off to a flying

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songwriters block

Songwriters Block: 11 Tools That Beat it

How do I feel right now?  I feel frustrated, restless and something in me feels dead. At the beginning I felt guilty and couldn’t really put my finger on the source. Now I know why I have these feelings:  It’s been over a year since I’ve written a new song. Songwriters Block. I’ve tried a few

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tropical fruits

Song Elements | Learn How to Structure Your Song

If you’re serious about songwriting, you NEED to be familiar with song elements. Why? Well, song elements, or the different parts of the song, are like players in a basketball team. When a coach wants to pick the players in a basketball game, it’s not always about having the best five players on the floor. 

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