Nellina Verdianz Sings About the Realities of Life

Today’s featured artists is Nellina Verdianz, from the lovely Vienna, Austria.

Nellina’s story is unique.
After building a career as a business woman and raising 2 children, she decided to go public with her music.
(she secretly wrote and produced music for the past 20 years)

She sings about the realities of life:
How she hates sports
Her first midlife crisis 

And many more real life moments…

She ignores the clichés about role models, trends and age. 

She skillfully turns life’s events into songs that are delivered with no filters.

She writes and sings her own unique truth.

Click here to check out Nellina’s website

Nellina’s latest song is called “Sounds Like Life”, watch it here:

“Sounds Like Life” is an up-tempo electro pop song with retro elements about the inner fight of a woman who occupies different roles (being a mother, manager, artist …) and decides to “have it all”, to ignore social norms & fully embrace life. 

The song on SoundCloud:
The video link on YouTube:

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