SongFlag’s Music Coaching Service

Are you a singer-songwriting that wants to launch a music career?  

Not sure how to start writing a song, recording it or publishing it?

Are you looking for help to reach the next level?

If you any of these questions describe you, welcome to the club!

I know exactly how it feels.

I know how it feels to be stuck and to able to write any song.

I know how it’s like to not have enough motivation.

I know the fear of publishing your work and putting yourself out there.

And I can tell you that there are many musicians who feel like you.

Being a musician isn’t easy at all.

We spend a lot of time on getting better.

We work hundreds of hours writing, recording and producing tracks.

We spend a lot of money on gear, recording software and promotion.

If you have questions about your musicianship  – and don’t know how to change things – I’d like to help you.

I offer regular one-to-one sessions

What to expect?

Since I want to get to know you, I’ll start by asking you a lot of questions. 

We’ll assess your strengths and weaknesses.

We’ll talk about your goals, your focus and your confidence.

You can send me your songs – it doesn’t matter what stage of the process they are in — and you’ll get my personal feedback.

We’ll identify the skills that need the most work and design a plan.

My hope is that you become more confident in your abilities to the point where you feel that you no longer need my help.

More Info

Coaching sessions are 50-minutes in length.

My rate is $40, and typically we will meet via Zoom or Skype.

If you have questions about how coaching works email me at

If you want to schedule a consultation email me at .

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  1. I would like to do this in my future and I would like to continue my career as a singer or guitarist ever since grown up so if you don’t mind giving me a tour on what you have for me thankyou


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