Maigin Blank Wrote over 200 Songs Wherever She Could

Maigin Blank is a musical composer from Chicago, Illinois, who has been writing music since she was a teenager and releasing music independently.

Maigin Blank was born on May 6, 1980. She cut her first record at the age of 7!  Around 7 or 9 years of age, she was influenced by the pop music of the likes of Debbie Gibson and Madonna, etc.

The only cool thing that she can remember from that period is that she was also into Julee Cruise after seeing her on Twin Peaks (television show), when her sister or dad would be watching it. She even traded her sister for her copy of “Twin Peaks soundtrack” on cassette, mainly to listen to “Into the Night” and “The Nightingale”.

It wasn’t until her formative pre-teen years when she finally got into the “better side” of music. Her family lived in New Zealand at the time and it was the early 90’s, so “independent” music was accessible and much more appreciated.

She started making music in her bedroom or wherever she can and has already recorded over 200 songs.

In the past, she used to be very fixated on writing “honest” lyrics. She thought that the lyrics had to drive the song. But now she thinks it really is all about having a catchy and interesting melody. “If you have that, you can have any kind of lyric you want.”

She was previously in the shoegaze/noise band Whales until their split in 2016.

Her first album, “Gutted,” was good but and resembles of a lot of contemporary alternative women singer-songwriters. Her second album, “The Sick Joke,” is where she takes a major step forward.
“Sick Joke” is interesting and intriguing, thanks to much richer and more adventurous sonic textures.
The songs themselves sometimes remind the listener of Juliana Hatfield and other times remind the listener of Hole. And yet, the sound effects make you think of Imogen Heap.
On a few tracks, the sound effects provide a rich and beautiful backdrop for Blank’s often dark and aggressive music.

Besides writing her own songs, Maigin Blank has scored and contributed songs to various independent films.

Maigin Blank has recorded and collaborated with various musicians as well as working with producers/engineers such as Brian Herman (SMT Studios NYC), Johnny Wilson (Eclectic Method) and Andrew Duncan (Ok Go).

Here’s were you can check out her music:


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