Kaala Shaw’s Electropop Single Is Groovy & Melancholic

Kaala Shaw

Kaala Shaw is an emerging artist born in Miami, Florida descendant of Colombian and Argentinan parents. Throughout Kaala’s life, she has traveled to many different places in the world. Traveling to India, she had a spiritual awakening which pushed her musical inspiration. Raised in Argentina and later in Maui, Hawaii, Kaala has been all over the world. She recorded one song called compotion at Echo Mountain Studio in Asheville, North Carolina. One year later she went to Brazil to record nine songs out of 200 composed. Kaala always had music in her life from a very young age. Growing up she listened to rock, pop, electronic, and mantras. Kaala always had a love for composing songs and playing instruments such as the harmonica. guitar, and piano.

About Her Latest Release

Kaala Shaw returns with her latest groovy, and melancholic electronic/pop single ‘Don’t Trust’. The track contains uplifting instrumentation, a catchy melody, and a grasping vocal by Kaala. The single starts off with the catchy guitar melody that resonates throughout the entirety of the track. The track then proceeds to introduce Kaala Shaw’s angelic voice and more percussive elements. As the track progresses the listener will be blown away with the harmonies and the perfectness of Kaala Shaw’s voice at a young age. Undoubtedly, the track can impact the listener as it contains every uplifting and grand element for a pop track. ‘Don’t Trust’ contains lyricism that will inspire the listener and radiate an important message. The groovy beat with the melodic elements gives the vocal an energetic, soothing feeling. In a repetitive world of lyrics within pop, Kaala Shaw shines through with her unique message-telling lyricism. ‘Don’t Trust’ will take the listeners into a trance with inspirational lyrics, musical catchiness, and well-rounded production.

The single is the second release out of a nine-track release plan, with ‘Sunflower’ already hitting over 30,000 streams in a month.

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