Donnie B. GotDaBeats: “You Need an Ear to Make Beats”

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Singer-songwriter, and music producer Donnie B. GotDaBeats is a multi-faceted talent and a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world.

He has long been a rapper, with catchy lyrical content and a seemingly endless swagger.

As a singer-songwriter, Donnie has released 12 singles and an album (“D-Day”, released in 2011).
He has performed in concert with such music stars as Snoop DoggThe Game, and Tank, and has been performing at various festivals, nightclubs, and events.

Do you play any musical instruments?

I play 15 different instruments.

How did you get into music and for how long have you been producing for?

My father was a bassist for Funk bands during the Funk era. I grew up watching him play and he got me started in playing music as a child. I, myself, have been producing for over 20+ years.

What, in your opinion, are the skills needed to be a music producer?

Anyone can make beats but you need an ear (and set of eyes) for talent, a firm understanding of music business & marketing, a growing understanding of mixing principles, and a ton of patience and dedication.

Who are the producers who have most influenced your approach to music production and why did they have that influence?

Quincy Jones for his overall music industry contributions and skills; Timbaland for his bold and flavorful production style; Babyface for his skills as a songwriter and vocal arranger; DJ Premiere for his gritty “Boom Bap-ness”; Pete Rock for his soulful skillset with the sample usage; 9th Wonder for his stylized sample usage; Just Blaze for his edginess, and Rod Temperton for his nose for hit making and brilliant catalog.

What DAW are you currently working with? Why do you prefer to work with this DAW?

Logic Pro X. I love it because it’s so intuitive and user friendly.

And what about your room? How big is it? Is there treatment?

I produce out of multiple rooms. There isn’t always treatment, but I make it work for me and take the room into account with my mixes.

What monitors do you use?

Krk rokit 8 and Event TR8 monitors.

What are some of your favorite microphones?

Neumann U87 (Classic Microphone ), Warm Audio WA-87, and Shure SM58.

When you set up your sessions, what’s your general layout and what would you start mixing first?

I can’t give up all my tricks! 😉 Depends on the session.

What are your five most favorite plugins?

And what’s the one plug-in that you simply couldn’t do without?


Which plug-ins do you like to use on vocals?

I use many different ones. It depends on the voices on the project and how they sound sonically.

Do you have a lot of compression going on?

Only on vocals.

As far as EQing goes, are you doing more subtractive, additive or is it an equal amount of both?

Equal amount of both. The track dictates the direction.

In regard to cutting frequencies, are there areas that you find yourself gravitating more towards?

Low end roll off has been a key ingredient to my mixes. If you roll off the right amount for each sound, it gives you the right kind of spacing.

What plugins do you typically have on your master bus?

Some compressor, some limiter, and Waves x-noise.

How do you make your mix louder?

The right amount of compression with the right amount of limiter gain.

In your opinion, what classifies as a good mix and a good master?

A good mix is one with all the tracks having the appropriate amount of spacing and volume so that you can hear the entire array of sounds in space.

What is your biggest challenge as a music producer?

Distinguishing myself from the vast sea of music producers in today’s industry.

What׳s your advice to producers who are starting out and making tracks in their bedroom?

Listen to your heart and your gut. Remember, this is YOUR art and YOUR business card.

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