CALNIESHA Wants to Be a Staple in the Music Industry

Calniesha, a rising star from Atlanta, and is making waves to project a new vision for the music industry in itself.

From the south, there’s so many influences that Calniesha has loved for years. From the Do or die, outcast, TLC, Monica, and Xscape.

Also,  many others that have blazed through and influenced others musically.

CALNIESHA is here to become a staple in the industry.

Calniesha was born with an instant passion for music and pure creativity. From the editing, recording, producing, and writing, Calniesha is an independent machine with opportunities ahead of her. 

The new single called vibe produced by Calniesha has set the tone for the summer. 

A cooling calm awakening before the storm. 

Vibe is a  VIBE with spicy and a vibrational touch,  just enough to get you on a high before your kick back and outings this summer.

Do not miss out on this wave, check out the new single VIBE heading your way just in time to heat up the summer:

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