Write, Record and Promote Songs on Your Own

Hi, I’m Eldad.

I’ll introduce myself in a moment.

But first, let’s talk about you.

I’m going to make a few guesses about you:

  • You love music.
  • You are independent.
  • You don’t want others controlling your music.
  • You want your music to be heard.
  • You want to be different, unconventional.
    Maybe even a little rebellious.
  • You always want to improve and get better.
  • You are restless.

If this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to SongFlag ,a website rooted in one idea: 

Being involved in every step of your songs’ life cycle— from writing to production to promotion — you will have unparalleled control over your creation.

But that’s not all.

Having this control will enable you to shape your music with a broad and unique vision that truly reflects you. 

Three skills are necessary in order to achieve that:
Songwriting, Production and Promotion.

Now, let’s talk about them:

SongwritingBeing able to write a song from scratch is first and most basic skill you need. No matter how naturally gifted you might be, developing songwriting skills can improve your music. Among other things, great songwriting involves being able to write lyrics that evoke an emotion, listening to great music, writing a dynamic melody and sounding authentic and unique.

Music ProductionIt may seem that once you finish writing a song you’re done with the creative process involved in it. But not really. Music production is an inseparable part of the creative process of bringing your song into life. It involves choosing the right instruments, sampling, sound manipulation, mixing and mastering and more. Developing music production skills will not only make you well versed at your craft but will enable you to truly and fully express yourself. 
Yes, there is a learning curve. Sure, it takes time and money.
But if you are serious and passionate about your music, this is an amazing skill to have.

Music PromotionThere’s nothing wrong with writing songs behind closed doors. But there is wonderful freedom in sharing your talent so that others can enjoy it. Allowing other people the opportunity to enjoy your work is not only rewarding for them, but it will also boost your confidence and a whole range of other emotions.

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Many musicians desire success but, whether they know it or not, shy away from it. If that’s you than I can assure you no one does what you can do exactly the way that you do it or from the same perspective.

I can also assure you that promotion is something that you can learn.

Now, let’s not forget about the musicians that are already promoting their music. Some focus their efforts on pushing their music and themselves everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bandsintown, radio, record labels, promoters, publishers and so on.

Don’t get me wrong: taking massive action is great.

However, sometimes it’s wise to pause and find out exactly what things these people really want and develop a specific strategy to promote your music. Developing promoting skills is essential to getting your music known and heard.  

Now you may be wondering: “doing it all by myself – writing, recording and promoting songs – is just too much.”

And you are right, it is too much.

In fact:

You CAN’T make it in the music business on completely your own.

Almost all successful long-lasting musicians didn’t develop their career entirely by themselves.

They did it with the help of others.

Eventually, you will need other people’s help.

Chances are, there are things in your music career that you’re going to be great at, and there are things that you’re going to be better off letting someone else handle for you. 

The way I see it: the best thing for you to do is to build a strong and professional team right now.

This team would have the best manager, booking agent, promoter, stylist and sound engineers.

The only problem is:

If you are just starting out, writing, producing and promoting music costs a lot of money.

If you’re in the beginning, you’re going to have to do some or all of them things by yourself, until you’ll be able to take things to the next level.

But I believe that there’s a huge advantage in developing songwriting, producing and promotion skills.

Developing these skills will give you true mastery and expertise over all aspects of your music.

You will become a musician that knows exactly what he/she wants.

And you’ll be able to express that clearly:

You’ll be able to tell your producer:

I want this reverb on my vocals.

You’ll be able to tell your promoter:

Please promote my songs on Instagram but not on Twitter.

With all that being said, it’s time for me to properly introduce myself.

My name is Eldad Cohen and I’m the founder of this website.

I’m a singer-songwriter from Tel Aviv, Israel.

I’m not famous.

I haven’t won a Grammy award yet.

I’m a musician, just like you, that’s working hard to improve his craft.

Here’s my website:

I understand the real-world challenges of the every-day musician because I am one.

Eldad Cohen

Before I started this website, I visited many music websites.

Unfortunately, I came across a lot of advice that’s presented in a depressing and negative way.

Here are some examples:

“Musicians & bands pursuing a successful career in music typically don’t make it because they focus on the wrong things.”

“Many artists think they are doing the right things, but for some reason they are not hitting the mark. Some of the reasons for this are that they are not doing enough, are doing the wrong things, are doing things wrong, are missing some of the pieces or do things in the wrong order.”

“If you’re still quite new  to music and your talent isn’t at a  good level, don’t try to release any material.”

No one wants to hear that.

It’s depressing.

Do you recognize this quote?

“Guitar groups are on their way out”.

This is what talent-spotter, Dick Rowe, told the Beatles after they auditioned for Decca records in 1962.

But guess what happened?

Rowe was wrong and the Beatles found success.

What if they had listened to him and quit their music?

The Beatles wouldn’t have existed.

Bottom line:

Music just like any form of art is a process.

It requires hard work, dedication and patience.

You don’t need someone to constantly remind you that you suck and that it’s hard.

Here at SongFlag, I’ll provide you with advice that will enable you to grow, not the opposite.

Another question that comes to mind is:

Do you need to win a Grammy to feel successful as a musician?

I don’t think so.

I think that success in music has a different meaning for everyone.

You may want to be the next mega star and perform in front of thousands — and that’s fine.

You may be happy to play gigs in your home town  — and that’s fine.

You may be happy just to write songs and share them with your family and friends — and that’s fine as well.

Should people not tell be truthful and tell you if they think your song sucks?


Of course not.

But there’s a way of saying it.

You need to hear it from a person who knows how to give you constructive feedback. 

The person giving you the advice needs to realize that you’re in a process.

Processes have ups and downs.

To sum it up:

This website aims to provide you with content that is valuable and uplifting, one that will put you on the right path to success.

I hope you find the information here useful.

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