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Federico Coderoni

Federico Coderoni Shares His Music Production Manifesto

Italian-born music composer, Federico Coderoni works in Berlin also as music producer and sound engineer. Music is his preferred language to express chronicles with the world, and he pursues this cause with vigor, sharing his journey with those who feel inspired to join.  He graduated from the esteemed Conservatory of Music, Santa Cecilia, with a degree in Electroacoustic Music Composition and is

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An Interview with Music Producer Donnie B. GotDaBeats

Singer-songwriter, and music producer Donnie B. GotDaBeats is a multi-faceted talent and a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world. He has long been a rapper, with catchy lyrical content and a seemingly endless swagger. As a singer-songwriter, Donnie has released 12 singles and an album (“D-Day”, released in 2011).He has performed in concert with

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Chase Bell Studios

An Interview with Music Producer Chase Bell

Chase Bell, the owner of Chase Bell Studio, found his true passion for music very early in life. He studied music incessantly since he was 12. His initial approach was learning the guitar style of Jimi Hendrix and other Classic Rock Gods.  He went deep into music theory and studied Jazz heavily though he always knew his

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Anthony Newett

Grammy® Nominated Music Anthony Newett on Producing Records

Anthony Newett is a successful record producer, songwriter, recording engineer, and instrumentalist. His musical talents were discovered at the tender age of two when he demonstrated the ability known as “perfect pitch” to his father, James, who was an accomplished guitarist. He has teamed up with industry veterans, such as Los Angeles based songwriter, Allan Rich (“Run

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Tyler Mays

An Interview with Music Producer Tyler Mays

Tyler Mays is a producer/mixer from Seattle, WA who specializes in rock and pop music. He is the owner of Irongrove Studios. Drawing on his upbringing as a multi-instrumentalist and performer in many genres, Tyler uses his developed ear and musical instinct to guide artists through the recording process. His first foray into the studio

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man singing

SongFlag’s Featured Artists

Welcome to SongFlag’s Featured Artist Page. This is where you can check out talented musicians from across the world. SongFlag features all artists from all genres, countries and cities. Would you like to be featured? Click here

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Songwriting Ideas for Beginners

Songwriting Ideas for Beginners to Get You Going

We all like to think that clever, witty and cool ideas just pop into the heads of our favorite songwriters.  However, the truth is that finding an idea for a new song isn’t always easy. I’ve spent hours staring at a blank page without being able to find a good idea. But there is hope!

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where to write song

Where You Write Your Songs Definitely Matters

Where you write a song matters. Tell me if the following scenario sounds familiar: You sit down in front of your notebook.  Your guitar is near you.   You make a start, but something in the air doesn’t feel right. You open the window hoping for change.   Nothing changes. You start to wonder whether this is the

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